Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crazy Ass Cancun

Well, here's my first story down memory lane... Like I said, I'll try to recap all my adventures over the past few years, for both your enjoyment and so I won't forget. I have tons of little things written down, but never really put into a story or journal.

So back in May of 2007, as a graduation trip from Big Lar and Peg, i was sent to Cancun, Mexico to go celebrate with Dobbs and Jordi. We stayed at a sick 5 star resort, right on the strip, and pretty much partied our faces off, and barely dragged our asses out of the pool bar everyday. At night time, it was time to see what Cancun is famous for, so of course we hit up the clubs.

Cancun really is as crazy as advertised. Every morning, we somehow made it to the pool bar before it actually opened, I think.... and we were welcomed by the same awesome Eastern European tune "Dragonstea bla bla bla" it was pretty awesome. Then of course we drank our Zombies all day. Met a nice couple from California..the guy was a BSD, newlyweds from New Jersey, and a couple from BC. the guy, dave, was a show and insisted on calling dobbs "Deeds," as he resembles Adam Sandler.

The clubs were crazy...Senior Frogs, Cocomonga's, etc......they were all nuts, unlimited drinking.. pretty much everything a young guy wants. I don't really know what to say, other than it was awesome!

Back at the resort, one of the highlights had to be our last full day. As we were at the pool bar, tons of beautiful girls started hanging out around the pool...who might they have been? well it turns out they were the contestants for that years Miss Universe!

Great way to top of an alcohol infused trip!

Viva Mexico and El Mystico

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