Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eurotrip Commenses - DUBLIN

Once I got home from camp, I only had a few weeks to pack up, book plane tickets with Brent and make some arrangements, and I was off the end of August 2007....This time to the Emerald Isle.

Thus began my Euro-Adventure. After spending 14 hours alone at the Newark Airport, Brent met me, and we flew to Dublin, Ireland. Once we landed we had to trek to our friend Jenn Leighton's apartment, just outside of the city centre. After a few hours rest there, we had to go into the city to find our friend Nat Janowitz at the iconic "Spire." Once we all got back, rested and met up with Jenn, we had a few drinks....including some homemade booze from her Spanish roommate.

The next day we got down to some serious sightseeing, as we only spent 2 days there. This day was highlighted the Trinity College, the Nat. Art Museum, just walking around Dublin was awesome. It really felt like we were in a bigger version of home. The day was topped off by going to the Jamesons Irish Whiskey Brewery Tour. Hahaha, the ginger girl who was our tour guide was embarrassing, especially b/c she didn't pick us for the taste test at the end, but it was a good time. In the last room before the drinking began, there was a wall of names of families who worked there, and wouldn't you know it NOLAN was up there....good shit. Next we went to the tastings...and while the group was listening to the ppl talk about the booze, I helped myself and the boys to more shots...which were set up for the following tour :)

Speaking about the last name, I really thought going there that I'd see O'SULLIVAN all over the place ( Mom's maiden name), but in fact I saw NOLAN all over the firms, walls, even frozen muscles (seafood). pretty cool.

Our last night there, we went out with some Maritimers and Newfs to a pub for some pints....that was a good time. Felt just like home, especially afterwards when we got a slice of pizza....although mine fell on the ground, it was still worthy to be eaten...remember " God made dirt, and dirt don't hurt." The next morning was my introduction to the hungover travel days....which I became quite good we almost missed our flight to Leeds, England.

I really loved Dublin, and would love to get back there someday!

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