Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here We Go

Well, I figured since my first semester is about to wrap up here at Ateneo, in Manila, I have lots of time to burn, and lots of stories to tell, so why not start to write and share all my good times! I've been reading lots of exchange students blogs and sort of got the itch to write too, so I'm gonna start with my Eurotrip in 2007 and work my way up to now!

For those of you who don't know much about me, I'm Jimmy Nolan, 26 years old and I hail from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I was raised by my father Larry, mother Peggy, and I have one brother Ryan. Growing up, I played hockey like every other Canadian kid, and I was pretty good, I made it to the Jr. A ranks. Through hockey, I played at least one game in every Canadian province except for BC and Newfoundland, and the Territories. After my Jr. A stint, I hung up the blades and concentrated on school.

I am now living in the Philippines and attending Ateneo de Manila University where I'm taking my Masters of Education degree. I'm also with my amazing girlfriend Andy almost everyday ( the reason I moved here), and I've really enjoyed my time here so far!

Since graduating in May of 2007, I've traveled traveled traveled....literally ( in order: Mexico, USA, Ireland, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Austria, Germany for OKTOBERFEST, Czech Republic, Poland again, Croatia, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland again, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines!) So, as you can see, I love traveling, and have a few stories to tell.

Other than that, might finally have a friend visit from Taiwan ( 1st in 5 months since I moved down here), and I'm working my ass off to try and start up a small export business to the boys in Taiwan. I'm also having a feature article on the CNNGo - Citypulse section, which is pretty cool.

If you've got any suggestions, give'em up, but if you have any comments ( from the likes of the dinksquad, keep yer mouth shut).


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