Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So Long, For Now, To Good Friends

Well, I know this isn't in order, but I just thought that I should write about my last week or so with some great friends who are heading back to their respective countries. As you know now, I am a graduate student here in Manila, and during the semester I became good friends with many of the foreign exchange students ( mostly from Spain/Basque, France, Germany and Austria). If you can check out my facebook, you will obviously see that we had some wild parties and great times together, and it was topped off by a group trip to Puerto Galera(White Beach) here in the Phils. It was 2 days of great memories and lots of drinking, but inevitably it had to come to an end. From there many of the people started making their way home, and many have taken off to continue traveling SE Asia.

The last few days were pretty quiet, yet it was nice to hand out with a few of the fella's (namely Josef, Martin and Tobi), as we enjoyed a few last nights of sitting on the balcony drinking and talking, and today feasting at the fish market for our last meal together. We then all met to see Josef off, which was harder than expected, as he has become a great friend of mine. All I can wish is that he and other friends cross my path again in life, and that they are happy in however their life takes them.

As for me, I will be here for the long haul, and continue with my studies....although I will be able to visit my parents in Turks and Caicos for the month of May, which is exciting! First though, to experience my first Holy Week/Easter here in Manila.

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