Friday, March 12, 2010

THC Wrap-up

Continuing on Jimbo's World Adventure......

After I got home from Cancun, my liver needed a break, so i took it easy and started packing to return to Tyler Hill Camp in Pennsylvania. It was to be my 4th and final summer at the hill, and I was really looking forward to it.

As usual, it was an amazing summer, highlighted by taking the kids on a week-long trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls, white water rafting in Syracuse, a Brad Paisley concert with the boys, and being a Color War Colonel vs my brother Ryan ( the last week of camp, the whole camp splits into 2 teams for a week of challenges and competition).

Of course, it was a little heartbreaking to wrap up the summer. I had been with the same group of kids for 4 summers, and honestly I felt like an older brother to them. We had seen and experienced a lot together, and it was tough to know, and to tell them that I would not be returning to be with them for their final summer as campers, before they had the option to be counselors. It was also hard not to be back with the squad of counselors who I had become great friends with....Dylan, Roy, Liam, Gareth, Nolan, Taylor, Geris, CJ, Andy, Davidowitz, Naacht, Schatz, Klibby, Brent.....i could go on forever, and that's just the was just a place to let go and be a kid again...and get paid for it! Thanks to them, and the great people I worked under and with, I knew that my decided profession of being a teacher was the right thing to do.

Tyler Hill Camp had a huge impact on my life. I had amazing times, both on and off duty, and will hopefully get back there someday, even if it's only for visiting day!!

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