Monday, April 12, 2010

Brussels, Maastricht and AMsterdam

Fresh out of the UK, we ventured into Brussels, Belgium and right away found it a different and difficult place. The language was a bit off ( French or
Flemish) and we had a bit of a time trying to find the hostel, but once there, we settled in and relaxed. The hostel was pretty decent, and Brent and I indulged in some Belgian beer, which we later found out was about 12%, and after a few had a nice buzz.

Anyways, the next day we decided to tour the city and set our for the Maniquan Pis. Of course, we took a right, instead of a left, and what should have been about a 10 min walk, turned in to an hour adventure....where eventually a homeless guy, who only spoke french gave us directions....and then asked for money! haha
Once we got to the city centre we saw some nice architecture, the main square was nice, and a couple of cool parks.....the Maniquan Pis, however, was a bitter disappointment. It was tiny, there were tons of people around it, and it was a waste of time.

Brussels was ok, but i won't be going back.

We then moved on to Maastricht, Netherlands to stay with yet another friend of Nat's, where she was doing an exchange course at the local university. It was nice to be in a small town, to really get the feel, and really understand that the Netherlands LOVE BICYCLES!!! It's retarded....only in Japan might they be matched!
Anyways, we did some fine drinking, and I was able to witness a large feat that night. We went to the local pub with students, and there was a challenge at the pub to drink 7 pints in one large glass. The fastest time went on the wall as a local hero and you won a shirt.....well, the first fellow failed miserably, however, the next guy ( both were Brits) was a powerhouse. He pieced together straws, and drank that way to get by the head/foam. He accomplished it in record time, and it was pretty funny to watch.
Maastricht was a good time, but won't be going back...

Finallyyyy, AMSTERDAM. Well, to be honest it wasn't all it was cracked up to be, to me. It was pretty cool, but at the same time really ordinary and a little overpriced? Maybe because we stayed in a shit hostel it didn't help out, but i dunno...i wasn't that impressed. The Van Gogh museum was pretty dope, I really enjoyed that. And of course it was interesting to go around the Red Light District at night and check all that out.....although it was weird seeing elderly couples just strolling around and checking it out too! We also had an entertaining discussion after Nat gave us his opinions on the streetlights and traffic and how it relates to a jungle...a suburban jungle and each entity was it's own animal....yes, quite humorous if you were there. The worst thing about it was that I didn't take ONE picture!! what the hell is the matter with me ?

All in all Amsterdam was cool, but still not sure, I'd go back for sure to give it another shot!

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