Friday, April 2, 2010

A Cup of Tea in England

Once we departed the Emerald Isle, we took a short flight over to Leeds, England, where we'd then go on to Hull to stay with a few of Nat's friends. One of the funniest stories of the whole trip happened during our bus ride through Leeds. Nat was educating me and Brent on the "chaf" situation in England (he had just finished working in a summer camp in the UK), and we were on a "chaf" look out. Now, for those of you who don't know, this is your typical "greaseball/skiv/white trash/etc" Think of a soccer hooligan, with a track suit and sneakers.

Anyways, as our bus came to a bus stop, there was a group of about 8-10 of these unsightly characters, however the wise busey decided he'd have none of it, so just as about those rascals stepped on the bus, he shut the doors and drove off, while the chafs were yelling and hitting the bus. It was a pretty sweet introduction! haha

Anyways, we got to Hull, and met the ppl whose house we'd be staying at. It was pretty quiet, and we really didn't do much other than get drunk and check out the university there. I guess it was cool to see a different part of England, but not a place that I will ever go back to.

From there we made our way down to Bristol via bus. I liked Bristol a lot. Again, we stayed with a friend of Nat. The first night we hit up a uni party, and I was able to direct us back home, hammered....well within a block, which I still gloat about today. The next day we just walked around the city, checked out all the sites and then were off to London.

London is awesome. Even though it is very expensive, it's definitely worth the money and I will definitely go back. I really enjoyed just walking around the city and checking everything out! It's exactly what you expect, but also really damn cool too. We stayed in a good hostel near Hyde park called the Smart Hyde Park Hostel ( nice place, tiny rooms, but ok and nice location! Also throw in free breaky too). Once there we spent 3 days of being ultimate sightseer's of course hit up all the sites ( Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Trafalagar Square, Nat'l Art Museum, Prince Albert Mem. Hall, Princess Diana's Mem. Fountain, Etc). London is just a cool city. I also really liked the Monty Python's "Spamaelot" that we went to see. It was pretty damn funny and an all around good show and cheap ticket! We also met up with Nat's friend Matthew, who showed us around some of London for one of the days. Unfortunately, there were no crazy stories that I can remember from here...Brent and Nat, I need your help! haha

Essentially, England is what I expected, and I will definitely go back. Next time I'll hopefully be able to catch a Premiership Match.

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