Saturday, June 19, 2010


After a week long TIME in Corfu, a squad of us from the Pink Palace decided to travel together and make our way, via bus, across Greece to the capitol city of Athens. We shacked up at the Athens Backpackers Hostel for 3 nights, which was actually a great location and walking distance to the Acropolis, Olympic Stadium and other main sites! The hostel itself was pretty decent, with a good crowd, and actually the whole squad of American students came on the 3rd day that we were there, which was cool to see some friends again.

As for Athens itself, I was very impressed. The history of the city smacks you right in the face, with ancient artifacts and sites seemingly everywhere! The Acropolis was really awesome. Even though there was tons of construction/rebuilding, you can't actually describe it unless you've been there. This might seem cliche, but many of the temples etc, actually seem as though gods made them! They were massive. You also get an incredible view of the entirety of the city of Athens, as the Acropolis is situated well above on a small mountain?/hill. We also hit up many of the main historical sites there too, such as the Gateway to Olympion, and the original stadium of the Olympics. We also cruised around the streets for a while, and just checked things out, and nursed ourselves back to working conditions after the Pink Palace!

There were a few random things that happened, highlighted by us walking down the street and seeing a spray-painted logo of BORF (who knows what that is>) but it looked identical do Dave!
We also had surprise guests, as on the third day we were there, when just starting the day, who roles into the room but Brock and Emily (the girl who drove off the cliff in Corfu). And this would not be the last random meeting we had. We had a few good nights at the bar in the hostel and sharing stories, and on the 3rd night we hit up the bar with the Americans, which was pretty funny and a good time. However, we also had one of the biggest rip offs happen to us in Athens as well. One of the days there we decided to go for a decent lunch, so a squad of us hit up Gods Kitchen.....well after what we thought was getting a sweet deal...the arsehole fleeced us, and when we argued that he was ripping us off/ charging us well above what we had agreed to....he threatened us to call the cops!! SO if you go to Athens, dont' eat at Gods Kitchen!!

Unfortunately, this is where our squad ended, as the Corfu folks went their own way.....Dave took off on his own adventure, and Dan, Brent and I headed for Italy.

I really enjoyed Athens, and especially the unreal and orginal Gyros there! AMAZING! I would definitely go back!

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