Friday, June 18, 2010

CORFUUU & the Pink Palace

So, after spending the night wandering around Bari, Italy, and sleeping in the park, we found ourselves on yet another ferry to Igoumenitsa, Greece, then on to the island of Corfu. Well, when we arrived in Igoumenitsa we quickly found out that it was a popular port for many illegal middle-eastern men to try and jump ship and make it to Italy or elsewhere. Anyways, at one point as we were waiting around for our ferry to Corfu, Brent and Dave went off to use the washroom or something, and the next thing you know I'm surrounded by guys. Now I have all of the backpacks, and had no idea what to do. So they start talking to me in broken English, and I find out they're all Kurds from Iraq. For some reason they kept saying "George Bush good" and I said no I don't think so....and that I'm Canadian. Finally, when they heard Canada, they didn't believe of course like an idiot I yank out my passport and show it to them. Next thing you know they're all passing it around, and I'm thinking that's the last time I'll see it. At this point Brent and Dave come back to see this and have no idea what to do. Anyways, long story short, I got the passport back no problem, they were nice guys actually, and they told us that a lot of the time they get beat up by security on the ships.....which we saw first hand as a guy was beaten on a ship to Italy and brought back, as we were sitting there! hahah. Off to paradise!

When we arrived at the Pink Palace, we were met by an American staff member, Matt I think, and he promptly gave us our welcoming Ouzo shot at like 6am. He then proceeded to tell us that we had booked only for a few days, but we'd definitely want a week, as a ton of American exchange students from Florence were we obliged and stayed the week. We then crashed for a few hours, awaking to Dan and Jesse arriving, in what was a nutzo trip for them there too!

The whole week there was crazy....we were wasted the whole time, thus where the classic shout outs of "Your MOM (Dave)" "F*** youuuu (drunken Dave) and "Yimmmmyyy" as I was referred to. We also went on the Booze Cruise with Cpt. George....a dirty dirty old man....but that was a good time, made some really good friend, and went cliff jumping from a ridiculous height...we also met a great crew of ppl who we ended up traveling to Athens with (Wade-Aus, Rory-Irish, Spencer-Can, Sarah-Aus, Cathryn-US, and me brent dave and dan).....anyways, other highlights included the Americans (about 200) who were fun to party with, but at that time we also had a crew of our own, a great kayak trip, the Crazy ATV trip and the toga party. Side story...back to the "Your Mom," and "F- You" that Dave so loved to say, especially drunk, led to a pretty funny happening. So dave kept telling Matt, the bartender, about his mom, yada yada, therefore Matt kept making Dave drink more....leading to Dave getting FAF and going to the room and passing out. Therefore, Dan filled a bucket full of water, we all snuck to our room and threw it on Dave......but, he was so drunk, he didn't flinch, or even know it happened. The video of it is priceless. This also led to me and brent being locked out of our room. We tried boosting brent through the bathroom window, to know luck, so I took it upon myself (while hammered) to scale the balconies from Dan and Jesse's room to ours. However, this also involved a little leap to another balcony...all the while about 20ft up or more! I made it to our balcony to find that also did i rescue myself you ask? Well i went to another balcony, knocked on their patio door, walked through their room and let myself out! hahah.....later we found the key on the ledge of the bathroom window.....

First, the toga party was awesome! Everyone dresses in a pink toga, eats dinner, and then there's a disco. It's highlighted by the owner Dr. George carrying a table in his mouth that's on fire, plates being broken on his head, and a ring of fire around him.....then to top it off, we all get massive shots of Ouzo from a bucket! what a timeeeee!

The ATV tour was a sick 4 wheel trip all over the island, with some beauty spots. However, this was crazy bc a couple Brock &Emily were on it. She was only a little girl, and when we were driving up a cliff (with no guard rails) she punched it, and literally went straight off the cliff! Seeing it, we all thought she was a goner, but somehow she managed to catch a branch of some shrub, and only went down like 50 ft! the 4 wheeler went down a few hundred! She walked away with minor injuries, but it was crazyyyyy. Cristo, the tour guide, was the man too....he seemed like he belonged in a porn or something! haha

All in all, this place was awesome. Not just for the party, but the price is right too. At the time it was like 14 Euros a day, which gave you a decent 2-3 person room, breakfast, lunch and a 3 course dinner!! It really was sick. Plus this is where I learned to bartend the FLYING SAUCER, which would come in handy in Portugal.

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