Thursday, June 17, 2010

Krakow - Round #2

So, as I mentioned, Brent talked me into going back to Krakow instead of going to Budapest. It really wasn't all that bad of a decision, I mean Hungary would have been cool...and it would have been cool if the dinks at the hostel wouldn't have taken my deposit....but Krakow was good, our buddy/ hostel employed party guy Chris from Britain was still there, and we knew good times were in store. When we first got there, we just rolled up to Tutti Frutti, as we had no reservations and didn't think it would be a problem, however, there were no beds to be had, so we booked for the following nights and ended up going to the Flamingo Hostel across the town square. The next night we moved back to Tutti Frutti, where we'd stay for 2 more nights. That night I ended up going out with a few Brits and a Welsch guy and a couple British birds, which turned out to be sooo funny. After a hard night of boozing, we made our way back to the hostel, which of course on the way we got a few Kebabs (of which the chubby brit was craving). Anyways, once we got back to the hostel we mowed down on the kebabs, and the fat one starts singing about them....well next thing you know he's up on the kitchen table and whammo off goes the pants and he's commando.....everyone lost it, including the girl who worked there, who had just walked in.....quite the end to the night.
Other interesting happenings were grabbing a bite to eat with Brent and some Aussie who had the most ridiculous story about being gored at the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona...he also couldn't resist saying "Yeah....Righttt" when he was at a loss for words! Also there was a little mouthpiece Aussie girl who was in our room ( who actually was on a British reality show recently about Aussie girls getting lessons in being a lady in Britain!!). She had a mouth like a sailor, and let it fly after finding out Brent's gal, whom we came from Prague with, was just leading him on. Hahaha, good ol' Krakow. Love that place!

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