Monday, June 14, 2010

Krazy Krakow

Again, due to my severe lack of if I've been doing something has been quite sometime that I have continued my Eurotrip extravaganza recap.....anyways, as you all remember we had just completed the Train Ride from Hell and arrived in Krakow in the early morning. I do remember that it was a crisp morning and we knew we were in the East! The first impressions of the city were pretty good. It looked old, yet very beautiful...however, we had a hell of a time finding out hostel....yes...the TUTTI FRUTTI. Eventually we did find it, and made our way upstairs to find the receptionist in a bit of a in the common room there was a rather good sized lad passed out, with his ass half hanging out! haha....welcome to Krakow....anyways, since we were all still messed from our journey, we went to the room and crashed. Upon waking, the fella with his ass hanging out, turned out to be in our room along with his buddy. Shane and Mark....two Irish beauties, who we ended up hanging out with quite a bit and sharing some good times. I don't really remember the sequence of happenings while in Krakow, but we did party quite a bit, hit up a few pretty good bars and pubs. We were there actually during the RUGBY WORLD CUP, so we went to the Irish Embassy Pub, to catch a few of the heartbreaking defeats of the Irish...yet still had a good time!

Then for a literally sobering experience (Nat coaxed me into going early, even though we were both hung over) me and Nat made it out to Auschwitz Concentration Camp. And when I say sobering, I am deadly serious. The importance of this place literally smacks you right in the face....and it is one place that I will forever be thankful that we visited. Now unfortunately, not everyone took this place quite so seriously, as we saw a girl posing for risque pics in front of an oven.......but for the most part the people there were very respectful... I must say, and in the right is quite beautiful there, in the fact that you totally feel what happened there, and you learn a lot.

Finally we made it back for a few more good times....including a trip to ROOSTERS ( the polish version of Hooters) where we went for Brent's birthday! This place was recommended by the Gorsebrook folks (jackasses...for those of you who don't know, these are our friends who went to different Junior High Schools back in Halifax).....however, our waitress didn't seem to care about Brent or his birthday as she aptly put it " So what?"

This was not mine nor Brent's last experience with Krakow......Off to Austria!!

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