Monday, June 14, 2010

OKTOBERFEST!!!!!!! das boooooooooooooot

Well, we finally made it to the gong show known as Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. When we pulled into the train station, you could just tell it was going to be nuts. People were all over the place in the train station, camping out basically. **NOTE for anyone who is backpacking through, you're almost just as well off trying to crash somewhere instead of reserving....we booked at WOMBATS in munich...nice place, but there were tons of ppl who definitely didn't belong and just slept in rooms on the floor at the common was ridiculous**

Anyways, upon making our way to Wombats Hostel in the rain, we checked in and headed straight to the grounds. Luckily for us we got right into one of the beer halls....i can't remember which company....Schotenheimal? (Any Germans reading this help me! haha)....but it was everything you'd think of......HUGE steins of beer, girls and guys in their traditional dress, Bavarian was just silly! We met a group of american girls who we drank with and hung out with. Oddly enough, there is like a fair attached to the beer grounds...whoever puts rides and booze together is an idiot...but anyways we checked that out for a while and finally we drunkenly made our way back to the hostel.

Early in the 730am! we trekked back to the grounds in order to try to get into another beer hall....well that didn't work cause literally tens of thousands of poeple were already there....after going for lunch at a little hall, we pushed our way into a beer garden and somehow ended up at a table with some Americans and Kiwi's...initially we were just using their table to buy beer ( you can't buy beer unless you're at a table), but next thing you know we were in the mix, and I was at the table with a group of middle aged Scots who were at the table next to us! These guys were awesome! We were literally there all day, and pounded back double digits of those massive steins! We were also witnesses of the bouncers cleaning house! They don't care what happens, but they'll knock your fucking head off, as we saw a few times!! haha Some of the other highlights were the continuous playing of John Denver "Country Roads" people chanting the Seven Nation Army beat by the White Stripes....but to the tune of "ALL THE ENGLISH GO HOMMEEEEE" And i believe a few more doozies were in the mix too...
Unfortunately, this was also the beginning of the end for our trio....After I went for a delicious bratwurst, I can back to Brent and Nat not in the friendliest of moods....soon after in Prague we would go our separate ways.......However, we werent there yet. When we got back to the hostel, after a litle pass out/nap, we made it down to the hostel bar for a few more rounds, and ridiculousness incurred yet again...including a few guys in Russian womens boblsed uniforms! Looking back, this was one of the most fun experiences of my life!

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