Thursday, June 17, 2010

Praha-ably Still Drunk

Well, after the gongshow known as Oktoberfest, we continued our journey onto Prague. However, right from the get go we didn't have the best of time. Again, the train seemed to be almost over booked, so we were facing the possibility of no seat. The three of us ended up splitting up, and it was every man for himself. Luckily, I got a decent seat behind some teenagers who seemed rather upbeat. I was still half in the bag, they shared some vodka, and one of them had a rather entertaining Borat impression, which all led to a decent ride, but leading to a killer hangover. When we got to Prague, we were all still a bit messed up, shared our stories, and ventured off to find the Elf Hostel. I'll give you a recap I wrote immediately after we left " Prague- probably the most overrated place so far I think. Nice sites, but so touristy, and it was dirty. Our hostel was brutal - 3 seat cushions to sleep on!! - The walking tour, Kunta Hora and Torture museum were good though. Probably all due to my massive hangover."

And that gives you an idea. The hostel wasn't the best at all, but met a cool guy from BC who me and brent ventured to Kunta Hora with to check out a Bone Church! Literally, in the basement of this place, everything was made of bones! Even the coat of arms. It was cool, but not sure if it was worth the time....The walking tour and sites of Prague were pretty nice indeed (town square and clock, St. James Cathedral, Charles Bridge, the canal, the Jewish Quarters, and the Salvador Dali exhibit!) However, looking back, but we didn't have the best weather...which also led to my immediate dislike. Some other things also occurred in this phase. During our 5 night stay, Nat decided to take off on his own way to meet a friend in Slovakia, while Brent and I were supposed to head to Budapest....however, he was a little infatuated with a certain lady, so we ended up traveling back to Krakow for a few days! was pretty good, and I think I'd like to give it a 2nd try. Definitely touristy though.

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