Monday, June 14, 2010

WIEN-ner schnitzel

Well, our 4 night adventure in Krakow then took us to Vienna for 3 nights. Of course this was a place that we wanted to see, however, remember that we were in and out of these places b/c our ultimate destination was OKTOBERFEST!

Anyways, we made it into Vienna, Austria, and it was actually a pleasant surprise. We stayed at the Hostel Ruthensteiner, which was a nice little place....very friendly people, met a few cool ones. Unfortunately, two incidents occurred involving Americans....1st, there was some jackass playing the smoooth role, thinking he was gods gift to women...especially when he tried to overtake some Spaniards who were singing. This arsehole jumps on the piano to try and woo some broad...anyways he all but got booed out of the place......the 2nd story involves a gut from Tallahassee.....I don't know why I remember that, but i do....anyways, me and brent were talking to him and some people..he was a really nice guy, and then a few blond girls from Iceland end up coming and sitting with our group...anyways to make this short, then asked where we were all from, then got up and left b/c they said "we don't like Americans." I guess sometimes it isn't all that great to be a Yank.

Anyways, the buildings and architecture of Vienna was really something else. The city really was beautiful, and there were some wicked sights from the observation deck of St. Stephen's (?) Cathedral. There were also some wicked statues of a little boy giving the finger, and guys punching horses....WTF! haha

Aside from those and brent creeped on people with my trusty little mirror....we ate a full weiner schnitzel meal....which was basically a deep fried platter....just like Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag (for you Simpson's lovers)...and we went on a pretty sweet pub crawl, highlighted by someone singing kareokee to.......yes you guessed it...the HOFF's "Baywatch Theme Song!"

So Long Austria....until I visit Josef!

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