Saturday, October 30, 2010

LAGOS!!!!! Portugal

What more can I say? LAGOS, Portugal, not to be mistaken with lagos, nigeria, was honestly one of my favorite destinations of the journey. Perhaps it was due to the fact we stayed there for an extended period, or the perfect weather, or stunning scenery, or amazing hostel, or great people.....or just all of those things combined!! LAGOS really was amazing.

To begin with, after a long journey from Seville, Spain by bus, we finally made it to the bus station. We really had no clue which way to go once leaving the bus station, but luckily a nice older lady told us the way. After stumbling around and stopping into the Three Monkey's Pub, where we would later frequent, we arrived at the RISING COCK HOSTEL. I can honestly say that this place was amazing. Lots of space, nice rooms, amazing staff, fun people, what more could you ask for? Well, aside from Selmo (the son of the family that runs the hostel) being a fantastic guy, who also runs the amazing NANABAH's restaurant across the burgers ever!!.....Mama and Papa show up every morning to make FREE crepes for breakfast. YES i'll say it again, free crepes!! Now free breakfast at a hostel is good enough, but these are amazing!! Just that alone should make you want to go!

Well back to our happenings. So when we first checked in, we met up with our old pal Dan, who had left us in Italy to come work for the Hostel. We immediately set off for a messy night, and beginning of a beauty stay. The next day we got up and hit the town and beach for some hungover relaxation, and enjoyed the sun. Unfortunately for us because it was in november, the booze cruise was shut down and the water was a tad chilly, but it was all good! Essentially for the next week + this was our life. Unbelievable.

Things got even better on Dan's first day off when he took us on a little hike along the coast for some stunning scenery of grotto's and turquoise water, and finally a beach that was easily a couple of hundred feet down, which you had to take ropes down to. It was sick! Of course, we would come back here numerous times with more and more people. We also went back to the Three Monkey's where we were introduced to a running tally for the "Beer-Bong-a-Thon" aka funnel, for each country. Over my time there we added a nice amount for Canada! haha. SIDENOTE: other great bars were INSIDE OUT and JAM (where our Aussie friend and staff from the rising cock decided to do a handstand behind the bar and take out half of the bottles! ahahhaa)

Our time in Lagos also led to a lot of random happenings!! Random happening #1. While returning from a spirited game of St. Mary's/bball. Brent, Dan and I ran into Brock & Emily again!! Yes the same couple from Corfu and Greece! Which we would again party together.
#2. Luke and Sebastien from Barcelona followed in our footsteps and came to Lagos to party it up. #3 I met Darcy Murnaghan. Who is he might ask? Well from playing the name game, we realized that we had played hockey against each other for YEARS as he played for the Charlettetown Abbies! #4 At the Three Monkey's there were pictures and flags of the Trailer Park Boys and Cape Breton! (especially random to see those things there!) AND we just met a ton of random people that we met during the course of our travels!

While I was there, I also worked a few nights for the hostel as they were in need of some workers, and I was in need of some free nights (and t-shirts!). Unfortunately, I missed out on some quality partying, but you gotta do what you gotta do! Actually, I was also bartender for a few nights making some FLying Saucers! Which actually turned out damn good!

Finally, I was introduced to the Aussie cult classic CHOPPER! What a crazy movie, in a role played by Eric Banna! There was even a life sized cutout of chopper in the awesome common/living room at the Rising Cock, where they had seemingly an endless supply of movies and free wireless internet! Again, the best hostel!

Lagos was amazing. It was one of those places that everything just fell together and we all had an amazing time! It had such a cool and relaxed feel about it and I definitely would love to make it back there!


  1. Top pic: Dan, Brodie (Aus), Brent, Me, Tom (Ire)
    2nd pic: Me, Mama, and Papa
    3rd pic. Nanabah's! Awesome food!
    4th % 5th pic: the coastline
    6th pic: the Beer Bong a Thon Standings
    7th & 8th pic: Random Nova Scotian items
    9th pic: Brent, Luke and Sebastian
    Last pic: Town center in Lagos