Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Storytime in Seville

As I mentioned in my last post, the trains in Spain were awesome, as well as the stations, which I couldn't get over. Anyways, as we left Madrid we were in the same car as a group of Americans, and one of the guys was a spitting image of Jazzy Jeff from Fresh Prince...anyways the guy had the most RIDICULOUS laugh ever, which was funny at first, then just got plain annoying. Eventually we made it to Seville, cut across town by taxi and headed to the bus station. Didn't stay there long, but got to see a brief glimpse of The Cathedral of Seville. However, we were on a mission, and continued onwards. This is where things turn for the worse....or decide. And here comes the story which deserves its own post.

So we're in the bus station waiting in line for tickets, when some clown shows up behind us and starts making lots of noise. After a while, we realized he was Hammered and very agitated. So much so to the point that he cut line and went to the ticket counter and tried to get a ticket. Of course he was told to wait, and he proceeded to argue. During this argument, he drops his documents and bends over to retrieve them, and lo and behold his pants ride down and gives EVERYONE a few of his man thong. At first we all were stunned and sickened. I'm pretty sure a lady dove to cover her kids eyes, and then we laughed. Anyways security came and kicked him out. So we got our tickets and the waiting game started. However, this was not the last we had seen of Thong Man. A short while later, we see him sneaking back in, with his sweet track suit. Again, security kick him out, and again we get a full shot of the said man thong. After a long laugh and shaking of our head, we finally boarded the bus for our trip to Faro, Portugal. So as we settle in, we leave the bus station, turn the corner and are just starting to cross the bridge when we see ol' Thong Man on the bridge, ass half hanging out, and looked to be even more hammered and crying. It was at this point that almost everyone on the bus laughed, and off we drove to Portugal where we'd spend the next 2 weeks.

The rest of the trip to Lagos was pretty uneventful. Once arriving in Faro, we had to get on another bus, a local one which means you stop EVERYWHERE, and then finally to Lagos. Unfortunately there was a fellow backpacker sitting in front of me who had breath so bad he could have knocked a buzzard off a shitwagon.....however i survived and made it to the last stop!

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