Tuesday, October 26, 2010

VIVA ESPANA! Bouncy Bouncy in Barcelona

I didn't even realize in my last post that it had been a few months since I wrote on here!! What have I been up to!! Hahaaha. Well I was busy with my final semester of coursework for my Masters degree, now just thesis writing! Also had suspected Dengue Fever, traveled to Cebu, Philippines, and job hunting like crazy.


After departing Nice, we took a full day train to Barcelona. It wasn't that bad of a trip actually, we ended up jumping a few different trains, and spent a few hours in a tiny town in North-East Spain, where we hit up a local pub for cervasas and hamburgesas (spelling? haha). It was pretty cool for us to struggle in Spanish, yet eat delicious food! Then we got back on the train and headed South.

When we made it into Barcelona, we had to take the subway into town. Finally making it to Las Ramblas ( the main street in the city) and onto the Kabul Hostel, which would be our home for 5 nights! It was conveniently located just off of Las Ramblas in a nice little square, and in perfect location for all attractions. Upon entering the hostel we knew it was party time, as you enter almost right in the common room/dinning room/ bar of the hostel. We then checked in and went to our 20 person dorm room aka The Barnyard because of the noises that were made when sleeping.....(snoring and more). There we ended up meeting Luke, Sebastien, Jesse (whom we met in Croatia-Dan's friend), Mary-Beth, Paige, Captain Insano (creeepy dude from Toronto area) and a few others. They were all great to hang out with, and we partied it up for the first 2-3 days before they took off. After the first night of getting HAMMERED at the hostel, Brent and I finally arose after lunch, hit up McD's for McCervezas and food, and then met everyone at the beach. Ok beach, with coooold water to cure the hangover, which only the Canadian boys and Aussies enjoyed. The rest refused. On the way back, we caught a glimpse of some beautiful yachts in an International/World race, which were really spectacular, and then headed home.

That night we hit up the SHOT bar, which was another mess, but a good time had by all. The next day was more of the same, just some sight seeing, including Parc Quell which gives a beautiful view of the city and stunning scenery! That night half of the crew departed, so just the boys went on the pubcrawl, which was another good time! Followed by the next day of sightseeing and at night a truly awesome event occurred. As we were just hanging out in the hostel, we were told there'd be a HUGE pillow fight on Las Ramblas. So drinks in hand we ventured up the street and there it was. Spanish version of MTV had 2 huge crates of pillows, which was supposed to be like 2 teams with DJ's as the Captains. Anyways, it was on air, and all hell broke loose, and it was great until someone socked me in the eye, then my pillow blew up, which I ended up wearing on my head, and became a fan favorite! hahah

The next day was epic! we arose to an abundance of clamour, which turned out to be tens of thousands of Glasgow Rangers fans who were in town for the UEFA Champions League match between Rangers and FC Barcelona. These guys were awesome! hammered, loud, singing silly songs such as " Bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy la la la la la" and even" Winter Wonderland"
They were everywhere on Las Ramblas and beyond. That night, Brent and I moved from the barnyard into a room with 2 Scottish brothers, and proceded to get hammered again at the hostel, this time I got a history lesson about the rivalry between Celtic and Rangers, which was quite interesting, especially because earlier when I first met the brothers, Brent had told them I was an Irish-Catholic, whom they said they would have jumped me if they were in Glasgow! hhahah. Anyways, the next day we hit up the Sagrada de Familia Cathedral, which was magnificent, and then at night watched the Champions League game with almost the whole hostel at the hostel bar on a huge screen they set up.

The next day, for the second day in a row, Brent aka Duck Ass (kindly given to him by Luke) and I missed trains to a destination (Valencia and San Sebastien, respectively) so we made plans to head to Madrid. After another siteseeing and nice day in Barcelona, we took off early the next morning for the Spanish Capital.

My overall thoughts of Barcelona is that it was, and still is, one of my favorite city's in the world, and I definitely want to go there with Andy!

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